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Your Character, Chemistry, and Commitment.

Holistically inspiring others to build lives of legacy & significance.

track academy

We provide track and field specific training from the months of December to July. You must have a USATF membership to compete. Track meets beginning the last week of January and last until mid-July. Track practice will be two days per week starting in December. This is for all ages 5 and above.

Speed & Agility training

We provide individualized speed and agility training sessions. Sessions last 45 minutes to one hour with a built in character education for athletes and parents. We are also mobile and will be able to provide these trainings at your house or a nearby park. Choose a date and time today!

performance testing

We test all athletes at our speed and agility sessions to make sure development is being enhanced. We test for speed, agility, power, speed/endurance, and any specialized test for their particular sport. We test on the 1st training session and every 3 weeks after the initial training session.

meet the

Coach Storkel

Co-owner & Coach

Coach Moore

co-owner & Coach

Why us

ACT develops & inspires athletes to their highest performance.

We are here to guide, mentor, and develop our athletes towards their goals – while making them faster in sport.